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The Disposable ecig can be recharged up to 1000 times before needing to be disposed of.  You can buy new parts to extend the life of your ecig.

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  • Buy any Filters and we double your Filter purchase for Free  (minimum of 20 required to qualify)
  • Buy any two Ecigarettes of any color and size and we will include a Free USB Charger at no additional cost.
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87mm Ecigs      (the same size as a Marboro or Camel Tobacco Cigarette)

White - Black - Platinum      (colors available)

$23.99/Free Shipping

Quantity :
87mm :

 When you choose 'Add to Cart' the website will prompt you to choose the Color and Nicotine Strength of your ecig.


107mm Ecigs     (the same size as a Ultra or 100's tobacco cigarette)

White - Black - Platinum     (colors available)

$25.99/Free Shipping

107mm :






The 87mm Ecigarette is the same size as a traditional tobacco cigarette, Marboro, Camel

The 107mm Ecigarette is the same size as an Utlra or 100,s tobacco cigarette

Here are the two lengths of Ecigarettes side by side with the 87mm at the top of image









Click any of the images below to see available available Nicotine 'Replacement Filter' Flavors for your Ecigarette














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Ecig Cases click image


Extra Batteries for your Ecigarette (shown below is the Atomizer/Nicotine Filter and two battery lengths we offer

  • Atomizer at the top of image
  • 87mm Platinum battery middle of image
  • 107mm Platinum battery bottom of image

Some Ecigarette users don't have time to charge their batteries when at work, when traveling, or through out the day. We offer Extra Batteries for your Ecigarette for $15.99 Its always nice to have a spare battery on hand just in case yours runs out of charge. Our Batteries only take 20-40 minutes to recharge and an extra battery is not necessary but is convenient. p>









Click the image to purchase extra batteries.

Replacement Atomizers for your Ecigarette

The Atomizer in your Ecigarette can get dirty and perform less effective after many uses.  An Ecigarette will produce less vapor smoke and give you a less satisfying epuff when the Atomizer is bad, dirty, or worn out.  We offer Replacement Atomizers for your ecigarettes for the low price of $11.99 










Click the image to purchase replacement Atomizers.


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